Attestation Services

attestation servicesAt Principle Accounting (formerly HPBQ), we help you make sure that every financial aspect of your business runs as smoothly as possible. Attestation services involve evaluating and helping you understand financial statements and what they convey about your business.

Banks and lenders can review reports we produce to determine your financial standing, helping you avoid unnecessary expenses. The type of attestation services you need depends on many different attributes of your business and your current situation, which is something that we can help you figure out.

Various levels of management, bankers, investors, owners, etc. have different standards and we can help you determine which information and report is right for each need.

Our attestation services include:

Review Reports

The process of a review report begins with looking at your company’s books and records to analyze and calculate your financial standing. Outside interests can then get an understanding of your business in a presentable way. It provides limited assurance of your business, but it is enough to validate the integrity of your data. Additionally, the reviews identify any items requiring further analysis. Banks or insurance companies may request a review report, and it provides a higher level of assurance than compilation reports.

Compilation Reports

Compilation reports provide the necessary background information needed for basic financial purposes, but does not provide the same level of assurance as review reports. It consists of compiling your business’ books and records, without substantial procedures, to produce a brief summary of your company’s financial standing. Think of it as a general representation of your business’ management, mostly used for internal purposes. Compilation reports are often used to adjust accounting records as needed.

At Principle Accounting, we help you decide which type of report your business needs, and complete the report with accuracy and attention to detail. Through efficient reports, you can better manage your business and take the proper steps towards a better financial future.

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