Business Structure and Restructuring

business structure and restructuringChoosing a business structure and registering or restructuring is an important decision. The structure you choose determines your role in financial activities, charitable work. etc. and has a substantial impact on your taxes, in addition to other liabilities. It is the starting point for your business and because of this, you want to get it right. Therefore, your business needs a trusted source to assist you with this decision.

You can learn more about the various business entities on the Secretary of State website. Or contact us to go over each in detail. The most common organizations include:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • General partnership
  • Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company

Each type of business structure has advantages and disadvantages.

When you are ready to select your business name and structure, Principle Accounting (formerly HPBQ) can advise you on choosing a business structure that is right for you. Our team can also help you restructure if you are an existing business looking to improve. You can rest easy knowing that your business has the right entity selection because our team is constantly looking for the best opportunities for your company.

“HPBQ [now Principle Accounting] helped us to restructure as a corporation. They had all the information we needed and led us through the process of filing as a corporation and registering with the state. We felt absolutely taken care of every step of the way and having them there is a constant reassurance in case we ever muck anything up, or rather to prevent us from mucking anything up. I cannot say enough about Selene and her staff and how comfortable I feel trusting them with our corporations’ finances.” ~Deanna Rivera, owner, UplinkSpyder, Inc.