Estate and Trust Planning

Estate and trust planning is a service that we take seriously because it plays a strong part in the financial security of your loved ones.

At Principle Accounting (formerly HPBQ), we help you understand and navigate through the ever-changing tax laws regarding estates and trusts. We guide you through the transfer of assets and can help you minimize the tax liability of your beneficiaries. We ease your stress by making this process as quick and hassle-free as possible.

If you’re trying to navigate Form 1041 US Tax Return for Estate and Trusts or Form 706 United States Estate Tax Returns, we’ve got you covered.

estate and trust planning

Set Goals for Wills and Trusts

Sifting through information and paperwork needed for estate and trust planning can be confusing and overwhelming. We provide any explanation you might be struggling to understand, and we help you make the decisions that will result in the easiest transition for your family. Additionally, we establish a plan that will ensure that all wishes are fulfilled and all arrangements are in place. We help you establish goals for your wills and trusts to make sure your loved ones are free of worry.

Charitable Gift Planning

When are you looking to support non-profits and charities, we can help you do so in the proper, most efficient way. With experienced estate and tax planning techniques, we can set a plan in motion for your charitable gift planning to be performed over time. Gift planning can provide many benefits for both the donor and the charity; benefits of which we would happy to discuss with you.

Planning for Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax may not be an enjoyable subject to discuss, but it is certainly important. At Principle Accounting, we help you understand inheritance tax and the possible outcomes based on your ownership. We will guide you through setting up a plan, covering all important duties needed to be completed, and establishing wills and trusts for when they are needed.

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