Accounting Services

hpbq servicesThe simplest way to explain what we do is:

We help you organize and better plan your finances through effective accounting services.

But we do so much more than that. We help you understand the important details of your financial records and we work with you to determine goals and the proper steps to reach them. We care about our clients, and we treat you and your financial future like it is our own. We follow through to make sure you are seeing the results you want to, and we do everything in our power to improve the success of your business.

Accounting Services for Individuals and Businesses

Principle Accounting (formerly HPBQ) serves both individuals and businesses in a wide set of industries. Each service usually begins with us getting to know you and your specific needs. From there, we decide on a plan of action together, and we begin the process of achieving your goals and making sure you and/or your business is on the most beneficial path. We handle each client’s needs with care and optimal attention to detail. In simpler terms, we save you from spending valuable time you could be spending elsewhere.

We are unique in that you are more than numbers and data to us. We understand that tax and financial issues are a huge determining factor in the quality of your business, and your life, so we treat each client as our business partner and our friend. We value close client relationships and we want to develop trust with you, because you should not hand the future of your finances to just anyone. We build this trust with accurate assessment, secure financial guidance, and proper strategy. With Principle Accounting’s services, you will thrive on a secure financial future with a group of professionals always looking out for your best interest.

Our accounting services include, but are not limited to:

Price Estimates

For your planning purposes, below is a list of price estimates for our accounting services.

Tax Preparation:

  • Individuals – Starting at $525
  • Corporations – Starting at $1200
  • Partnerships – Starting at $900
  • Estate/Trust – Starting at $525
  • Inheritance – Starting at $3,000
  • Gift Tax – Starting at $450

Consulting and Hourly Rates:

  • Partners – $200/hr
  • Staff – $60-150/hr

Bookkeeping/QuickBooks Assistance – $60/hour

Initial Consultation – $150