Have tax questions about deadlines or extensions? Please refer to our list of frequently asked questions below. If you have a question that you don’t see on this list, feel free to contact us for clarification. Thank you!

When are my taxes due?

  • Individual – Form 1040 – April 15th
  • Corporation – Form 1120 – April 15th
  • S-Corporation – Form 1120S – March 15th
  • LLC/Partnership – Form 1065 – March 15th
  • Trust/Fiduciary – Form 1041 – April 15th

If the due date falls on the weekend or a holiday, the returns are due the next normal business day.

How long is an extension?

An extension needs to be filed by the original due date of the return. The extension gives the taxpayer an additional 6 months to file their tax returns. The extension is not an extension to pay your taxes. Taxes paid after the original due date of the tax return will incur interest and penalties for any tax owing.

Once I have dropped off my documents, how long before they are ready?

Typically, once we have received all or most of the documents from a client, the return will be ready in 3-4 weeks during tax season. This is dependent upon having all documents at the time of drop off.

When do I need to have my information in so that my taxes can be filed by April 15th?

For 2019, all information must be received by March 18th.

Information received after March 18th will not be completed by the April 15th deadline and will automatically be put on extension.

Does it cost to get an extension?

The IRS and Oregon Department of Revenue don’t charge a fee for requesting an extension.

When do I need to have my information in so that my extended return can be filed by October 15th?

All information will need to be received by October 1st in order to have enough time to properly prepare and review your tax returns for the October 15th deadline.

If information is dropped off the week of the deadline, your return will not be completed in time for the October 15th deadline.