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Whether you had a good year or a bad year, something never changes – you must file a tax return.  Our primary goal at Principle Accounting is to make this process as painless as possible, from gathering your information to reviewing your final return.  We leverage the latest technology to make communicating a breeze.  We want your experience working with us to be the first time you have ever used the word “delightful” in such close proximity to the word “taxes”!

We specialize in handling a variety of complicated issues that individual taxpayers often encounter, including:

  • Self-Employed Income (Schedule C)
  • Rental Properties, including acquisition, management, and disposition
  • Short-Term Investment Real Estate (i.e., “fix and flips”)
  • Like-Kind Exchanges
  • High Activity Investment Accounts, including options and commodity trading

Estate and Trusts

Financial wellbeing is much more than tax planning. Estate and trust planning are key components of protecting your wealth. Whether for a business or individual, wealth preservation for future generations requires knowledgeable trust planning and estate tax minimization strategies.

Estate and Trust Planning is a service that we take seriously. We have experience with estate and trust planning which includes succession planning, business continuity plans, charitable trusts, estate tax returns and more. With proper trust and estate planning, our clients are confident their beneficiaries will receive assets with minimum taxation and at maximum ease.

Learn more about our estate and trust planning services.

Small Businesses

Today more than ever, small businesses are entering complex markets, encountering unique tax, and accounting challenges that require expert advice. We love small businesses and have worked with many over the years.  Therefore, we know this to be true: small business does not mean simple. We know that small business owners want and need guidance.

Often a small business owner with sophisticated needs finds him or herself in a challenging spot when it comes to tax advice.  Their needs exceed the specialties of many small, local firms; however, they find they aren’t a good fit for the big firms either.  No one likes to be the small fish in the pond, and they are often frustrated by big bills and lack of personalized attention.  Principle Accounting is the happy middle ground you have been looking for.

Small to Midsize Businesses

We are uniquely equipped to assist mid-sized businesses with their accounting and tax needs. You may not have a tax director or CFO in-house, so you rely on your professional advisors to cover your back.

We take on a variety of roles with our mid-sized business clients.  For some of our clients, we are their all-around tax and accounting solution.  We prepare their annual tax returns, assist in maintaining and reviewing their accounting systems, and act as an ongoing advisor throughout the year.  We love having the ability to make these clients a priority and tailor our services to meet their needs and goals.

Review our business advisory packages to see how we can be more than just a CPA for your growing business.

Services We No Longer Accept New Clients For

  • Form 990 Return of Organization Exempt from Income
  • Form 5500 Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan
  • Payroll